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We are a dedicated team of experienced, qualified HR Consultants. We take away the headache of employment legislation that ties all organisations in knots.

Typically our clients are SMEs based in the East Anglia and South East , although we have many others across the country. We don’t stop them from acting, we enable them to make the practical, commercial decisions that are best for their business.

And we give them the support and the expertise to stay ahead of the HR minefield letting them concentrate on their day job - developing their businesses.

"We're hands on - you're hands free"

“I’ve worked with BackupHR since I took over responsibility here and wouldn’t consider using anyone else now."

“We think of BackupHR as part of our management team – I value their advice and honesty, and often use them as a sounding board.”

“When HR was given to me to run alongside finance, BackupHR proved absolutely crucial to managing this effectively.”

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Latest News Archive

Core Skills for Managing People

You are only as good as the people you manage – if you do not manage them effectively, this will not reflect well on you. Many Managers are promoted to a role that involves being in charge of people – the promotion is based on technical/operational expertise. Yet, to successfully manage individuals or a team… Read more »

EU Citizens Post Brexit

On 8 December 2017, an ‘agreement in principle’ was reached between the UK and the EU on the future rights of EU citizens currently living lawfully in the UK. This means that these individuals will be able to stay in the UK and enjoy broadly the same rights and benefits as they do now. This… Read more »

Guidance on avoiding problems when hiring foreign workers

After the Brexit vote and the fall in the value of sterling, it may become harder to entice EU migrants to work within the UK, so there may be even more focus on recruiting people from outside of the EU. There is often great value to organisations in employing workers from overseas. This approach opens… Read more »

Holiday Pay – Latest Rulings

There have been recent cases on the subject of holidays and the need to comply with EU law, specifically the Working Time Directive. Overtime In Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council v Willetts, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) held that voluntary overtime that is normally worked should be included when calculating an employee’s holiday pay. In recent… Read more »

HMRC’s Approach to Employment Status

HM Revenue and Customs have come up with something to help employers and workers to establish if someone is genuinely self-employed. It is an online tool to determine for tax purposes, whether an individual is an employee or self-employed. That is different, of course, to whether they have ‘worker’ status – something which the taxman… Read more »

Vicarious Liability for Data Breach

Morrisons staff are to be awarded a pay-out over a data breach that occurred, when a disgruntled former member of its staff stole the data of thousands of employees and posted it online. Morrisons has been found liable for the actions of the employee by the High Court with the ruling opening the possibility for… Read more »

Driving for Work in Bad Weather

Many employers have been rather slow to recognise work related driving as a major risk factor to employees. The HSE has now made it clear that employers have duties to manage the risks faced by their workers on the road. This includes not just professional drivers, but any employee who is required to travel as… Read more »

Data Protection – Current & Future Requirements. Are you ready for May 2018?

Talking to many organisations it is apparent that a considerable number are not currently complying with the Data Protection Act 1998. In May, the law on data protection changes again and will be even more rigorous in how organisations acquire, process and dispose of data, particularly personal data. The Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has made… Read more »

Discriminatory Comments

The case of Ms Carolina Gomes v. Henworth Limited t/a Winkworth Estate Agents & anor. serves as a useful reminder to be careful when selecting your choice of words when talking to employees. Ms Gomes started working for an estate agency business in 2009. In 2015 she was transferred to another franchise as an administrative… Read more »

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The Harvey Weinstein scandal, and allegations at Westminster, amongst others, has once again placed the spotlight on sexual harassment reporting. Victims of sexual harassment are often reluctant to report incidents for fear of retaliation, being disbelieved or public embarrassment. Sexual harassment might be obvious, insidious, persistent or an isolated incident. It can also occur in… Read more »