In 2020, we are running three courses which will cover much of the knowledge and many of the skills needed to be a successful Manager of people.

These three interactive courses are a must for new Managers, as well as being good refreshers for experienced Managers, as case law and good management practices continue to evolve over time.

Our training courses are highly participative, practical in content, and are intended to challenge our delegates into recognising there are always alternative ways of dealing with people and/or situations.

When Can and Should you Dismiss – Newmarket – 25th February & Norwich – 20th October

Dismissing staff can have serious implications if done badly.  The law requires that you have a fair reason for dismissal (e.g. restructuring is not necessarily redundancy), and that you follow fair processes.

This course will cover the differences between a fair and unfair dismissal; why following the ACAS code and internal procedures is essential; and the key practical issues to consider when dealing with discipline, dismissal and redundancy processes.  The aim of the course is to encourage delegates to follow proper procedures and apply sound judgement.

We have designed the course to suit those who are new to Management, as well as being a worthwhile refresher for the experienced Manager looking to enhance their existing skills, and wants to be more successful by learning new/different approaches.

Acknowledging Good and Dealing with Poor Performance – Newmarket – 25th March & Norwich – 11th November

How do you assess that someone is competent?  If they are, how do you encourage them to be even better, and if not, what do you do about it?  These are challenges which Managers face on a daily basis.

This course encourages Managers to have realistic expectations on what people are capable of doing; how to define and assess what is poor, good or exceptional performance; formulating performance improvement plans and programmes for personal development; and continuing to motivate and encourage good performers.

Employment Law Myths & Essential Policies – Norwich – 23rd April & Newmarket – 3rd December

We will share with you some of the most misguided beliefs that Managers hold as fact about employment law, and discuss the most frequent mistakes Managers make when dealing with staff; as well as the difficulties created through lack of key employment policies, or not following them.

This course will debunk myths, show you what you can and cannot do, and make sure you avoid fear and confusion when dealing with staff issues.  We will also talk about the need for a wide range of employment policies and their importance, so that Management can deal with people effectively.