“I rely on BackupHR to help me ensure we are doing the right thing both for the business and our employees. They provide a first class service with very quick turnaround and help considerably when trying to make sense of ever increasing legislation. The ability to speak to my consultant, knowing I will get that return call even if she is out or busy with another client gives me that little bit of extra confidence when dealing with difficult or tricky situations.”
Moneyfacts (Financial)

“When the responsibility of the HR role was given to me to run alongside my existing finance role, the help I received from BackupHR was crucial to me in managing this role in an effective and efficient manner.”
Environmental Control Systems (Electrical/Manufacturing)

“We have used BackupHR services for many years now and are extremely pleased with their most efficient service they give to our company. The up to date current legislation that is provided is invaluable for our business. The personal touch really makes the difference. I would not hesitate to recommend Backup HR to other businesses that require this support.”
Stepney Ltd (Construction)

Here are some solutions we have delivered to our clients as part of their BackupHR™ Service.

A client was instructed by their bank that to remain in business they had to rapidly reduce debt and, in particular, reduce their wage bill by 20% within 14 days. The challenge was that the 14 day timescale was not long enough for proper redundancy consultation, nor was a unilateral cut in pay legally enforceable.

Business Solution:
BackupHR™ helped persuade all of the Directors to take an immediate 25% cut in their pay, and then helped senior management negotiate with the entire workforce to accept an immediate 10% cut in their pay. BackupHR™helped draft the announcements, prepared for the group consultation meetings, dealt with numerous enquiries from Citizens Advice and other advisors, explaining that without this action there would be no company and no jobs.

The target was met within the timescale. The company survived, won many new orders as their competitors disappeared, the 10% pay cut was lifted within a year, and they are now flourishing, even though they still operate in difficult trading conditions.

We helped saved a company from going under with the subsequent loss of jobs in the local community, and all of our advice was given as part of our comparatively modest annual subscriber service.

As a small start up business providing educational materials to schools, the founder originally and urgently needed a simple Handbook of all key employment policies relevant for her business, and, one employment contact that she could template for her first few appointments.

Business Solution:
BackupHR™ provided all that was needed within one week of the request, at the cost of £500 + VAT.

As the organisation rapidly grows in size, the next business milestone will be at around 6 month’s time when the founder aims to employ at least 10 employees. At that point, she plans to sign up with our subscriber service at the cost of approximately £200 + VAT per month, so she can get regular HR advice, support and guidance as she continues to grow in staff size and complexity. As her business grows, she will have further options to tap into more HR support, dependent on her staffing needs.

A new client had a problem. Shortly before they engaged us, they had ‘laid off’ or made redundant someone who had been off sick due to an alleged accident at work. They had received a solicitor’s letter threatening an unfair dismissal claim.

Business Solution:
It was clear that they needed us. First of all procedural ‘oversights’ meant that they would lose an Employment Tribunal. We reckoned damages could easily be £10 – £20k.

We needed to limit the damage. We sent a letter to the solicitor, offering to re-engage the individual in a different job, provided he was now fit to work.

Over the next 5 weeks, we negotiated through both ACAS and the solicitor an amicable commercial settlement. This meant that the employee did not return to work, and he withdrew his claim. Within two months of using BackupHR™ our client avoided a costly claim, which covered our fee several times over.

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