• Wed
    8:30 amRowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket

    Saying “you’re fired” may actually be an indicator of management failure, even though it has been popularised in the media.

    This course looks at the three key areas, namely recruitment & induction, performance management and improvement, which if applied correctly, should minimise the need to consider terminating employment. However, the third key area is the effective use of the disciplinary procedure to formally improve performance standards, and only if that does not work, how best to dismiss.

    We have designed this course to suit those who are new to Management, as well as being a useful refresher for the more experienced Manager looking to develop existing skills and/or want to be more successful by learning new/different approaches, as part of personal/career development.

    This course will be highly participative, practical in content, and is intended to challenge our delegates into recognising there are always alternative ways of dealing with people and/or situations.

    The course objectives will include: -

    • Recruitment & Induction
    • Performance Management
    • Performance Improvement
    • Discipline, Dismissal & Alternatives
    • Practical Learning Opportunities

    The course will commence at 8.30 am, with registration and refreshments from 8.00 am. The course will finish around 1.45 pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch.

    The cost for this training event will be £75.00 plus VAT per delegate, including lunch.  To reserve your place on this course, please contact Jackie Bolton either by e-mail: jackie@backuphr.com or call 01480 677981.

  • Tue
    8:30 amRowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket

    This will cover why effective working relationships (within and across teams, up and down management levels) is so important. 

    Course content will involve what is really meant by good two-way communication skills, influencing skills especially our bosses, dealing quickly with difficult situations and people (conflict resolution).


  • Wed
    8:30 amRowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket

    This will be focused on taking the more proactive approach (absence being reactive) to understanding peoples’ motives for working. 

    Course content will include the dangers of presenteeism, the benefits of return to work meetings work, and the importance of focusing on small scale but high impact well-being initiatives, seeing as mental health and stress combined is the number one reason why people are off sick these days.