• Tue
    8:30 amRowley Mile Conference Centre, Newmarket

    Dismissing staff can have serious implications if done badly.  The law requires that you have a fair reason for dismissal (e.g. restructuring is not necessarily redundancy) and that you follow fair processes.

    This course will cover the differences between a fair and unfair dismissal; why following the ACAS code and internal procedures is essential; and the key practical issues to consider when dealing with discipline, dismissal and redundancy processes.  The aim of the course is to encourage delegates to follow proper procedures and apply sound judgement.

    We have designed the course to suit those who are new to Management, as well as being a worthwhile refresher for the experienced Manager looking to enhance their existing skills, and wants to be more successful by learning new/different approaches.

    Our course is highly participative, practical in content, and intended to challenge our delegates into recognising there are always alternative ways of dealing with employee issues.

  • Tue
    10:30 amOnline Webinar

    Redundancies are a sad fact of life under Covid 19. Regrettably many organisations are having to rapidly get their costs under control.

    During our weekly webinar on 16th July, two thirds of our respondents to our poll also expressed a strong interest in a training course dedicated to redundancy, which we have now designed.

    This one-hour training module, together with supporting material, will give you a complete framework with which to approach any redundancy programme.  Topics include:

    • Effective Planning *
    • Realistic Timetable *
    • Selection Pools
    • Meaningful Consultation *
    • Calculating Redundancy Costs *
    • Notice Periods *
    • Post Redundancy Support

    (* Particularly under Covid 19)

    Led by Guy Liddall, with in-depth analysis from Cathy Norton and Peter Stanway, this will be an hour of your time very well spent.

    To book and pay for your place at this event: Click here