BackupHR™ are experienced litigators in the UK, with substantial expertise in representing employers defending employment tribunal claims, from a straightforward wages claim through to unfair dismissal and discrimination.Although it is possible to represent yourself, success is more likely if you are professionally represented. Tribunal rules of procedure are becoming more complex and losing or winning can depend on using the right tactics from the outset.

BackupHR™ recognise that clients have to balance costs against results. We never lose sight of this and will always advise if early settlement is preferable to costly litigation.

  • We complete the Claim Response form (ET3) on your behalf and deal with all subsequent correspondence and other matters relating to the dispute.
  • We advise you realistically, usually in writing, on your prospects of success, and the awards that could potentially be made.
  • We will obtain further information and documents from the Claimant where appropriate.
  • We arrange and carry out visits to interview witnesses and prepare witness statements,carefully brief any witnesses and produce the required bundles of documents
  • We will use our advocacy skills to present the arguments of your case at Tribunal hearings in a professional manner in order to maximise your chance of winning the case.
  • If the tribunal find against you, we assess the merits or otherwise of an appeal and will arrange for your representation at appeal if you wish to proceed. We ensure that the matter is fully prepared, and will act on your behalf at the hearing on the day.
  • When the case is concluded, we will also advise you of any learning points and if appropriate ways to avoid future claims – for example by training managers on relevant procedures

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