Struggling to establish the market rate for your Management? Paying too much (or too little) for your Administrators? How should you pitch your employee benefits in today’s market?

These and many other questions are asked by Senior Management and HR across the economy. We are already in a skills shortage, making it really hard to not just attract, but to retain good people in such a competitive market place. SMEs rarely have access to the budgets or the tools to accurately answer these questions.

But BackupHR’pay and benefits surveys can provide a cost effective answer.  We establish the market rate, look at current labour market trends, make recommendations and help put in place a plan for the future. Keeping good staff and attracting the right people becomes easier,  as employees at all levels recognise they are being paid fairly.

Since 1971, our parent company, MTS Management Services Ltd, has been heavily involved in this type of work. Initially specialising in the automotive sector, they have spread their net far wider. In the past 10 years they have carried out surveys across many different job sectors, for organisations as diverse as  packaging, charities and Anglican dioceses.

The methodology is unique and relevant to any organisation. They reinterpret existing market data in a way that is easily understood. Reports are detailed and give the expected market rate for any job within an organisation, however specialist. They also check for equal pay and discrimination issues, underlining an organisation’s commitment to equal opportunities and diversity.

For more information, contact Jackie Bolton, Client Services & Events Manager on 01480 677981.


“Belvoir HR Ltd regularly commissions Salary and Benefits surveys for its clients from BackupHR. The surveys are very useful and up to date, and are compiled from extensive data research. This data then supports a recruitment or salary review process.  The BackupHR team is very responsive to sudden “urgent “ requests, and the fees are very reasonable.  Happy to recommend.”

Suzanne Smith, Principal Consultant – Belvoir HR Ltd