• Wed
    8:30 amQuy Mill Hotel & Spa, Quy, Cambridge

    Managers have to be able to investigate a whole range of issues, anything from Discipline or Grievance cases, accidents at work, through to customer complaints.

    Getting this wrong can have significance consequences, e.g. financial, staff morale, reputation for your business, team and even customers.

    This course will help equip your Managers with the principles and practical skills that they need to conduct a thorough and fair investigation with confidence, as a prelude to further action which may vary from  a customer complaint being upheld, through to commencing a formal disciplinary or grievance process.

    The course will commence at 8.30 am, with registration and refreshments from 8.00 am, and will finish around 1.30 pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch.

    The cost for this course will be £165.00 plus VAT per delegate, including lunch.   Preferential rates for clients.

    To reserve your place, please contact Jackie Bolton either by e-mail: jackie@backuphr.com or call 01480 677981.

  • Thu
    8:30 amPark Farm Country Hotel, Hethersett, Norwich

    No-one likes to deliver bad news, but every Manager has to do this at some stage. If it is done effectively, the outcome can be more constructive than if it is done badly, or not at all.