• Wed
    8:30 amQuy Mill Hotel & Spa, Quy, Cambridge

    The COVID pandemic affected all employers, creating constant pressure and the need for rapid change. Employees have also been affected, many of them finding themselves working harder, differently or not at all.  Coping with change is a necessary skill for the post pandemic workplace.  Also, being adaptable and resilient is a key requirement for employers to ensure their employees survive and thrive.

    Considering the wellbeing of your workforce is crucial to stopping them from walking out of the door.  So, making employees feel cared for could be the key to retaining them.

    This half-day course will look at the new norm for workplaces, with a view to learning effective approaches. We will also consider the need to understand both employer and employee expectations.  Finding quick wins regarding wellbeing and how to develop resilience to help people juggle personal and work demands.

    The course will commence at 8.30 am, with registration and refreshments from 8.00 am, and will finish around 1.30 pm, with breaks for refreshments and lunch.

    The cost for this course will be £120.00 plus VAT per delegate, including lunch.  Clients get one free training place per topic, with extra places costing £120.00 plus VAT.  

    To reserve your place, please contact Jackie Bolton either by e-mail: jackie@backuphr.com or call 01480 677981.