• Thu
    10:50 amOnline Webinar

    In between the worsening pandemic and the chaos created by Brexit negotiations before Christmas, the Government slipped through a very detailed, 45 page document regarding the right to work in the UK.

    Most employers should already be carrying out these checks, but it has become much more important since our exit from the European Union, as European citizens no longer have an automatic right to work in the UK. Especially if they were not living here before the end of last year.

    In our first Coronavirus webinar this year, nearly 75% of you voted for an extended Right to Work Checks webinar.

    We will cover:

    • The new system
    • EU citizens
    • Pre-settled status
    • Non-UK nationals
    • Manual, online and remote checks
    • and more...

    Please note, this is not an immigration webinar, though we touch on some of the principles, it is designed to allow employers to carry out the right checks to ensure they do not incur penalties.

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    This webinar is available to book here.

  • Thu
    10:50 amOnline Webinar

    Covid-19 has thrown up numerous challenges. And during the pandemic the number of employment tribunal cases has risen substantially.

    How can employers protect themselves, what are the "banana skins" you should avoid?

    We cannot cover every scenario, but in another of our focused webinars, our consultants will share their top 10 tips for keeping away from from employment tribunals.

  • Thu
    10:50 amOnline Webinar

    As the Government announces it is on track for a complete relaxation of the rules for 19 July, we look back at the last 18 months and asked what has changed in the employment relationship during that time.

    There have been a number of important changes to the law, both through legislation and case law. Brexit has meant a fundamental change to our relationship with the EU, and with EU workers.

    And with a nervous nation returning to the workplace, there is far greater awareness of health and safety protocols, risk assessments and safe ways of working. How can employers ensure they do the right thing, while protecting themselves and their workforce?

    This  free course will cover:

    • What workers and employers really think?
    • New legislation
    • New case law
    • Health and safety
    • Return to the workplace
    • ...... plus others

    Led by Guy Liddall, with in-depth analysis from Cathy Norton and Peter Stanway, these two one hour sessions will be time well spent.

    Can't make it? Don't worry, register anyway and we will send you a recording of the event to view when it suits you.

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